Introduction: DIY Waterfall Card

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Hello! Welcome back to another tutorial by Paper Chaser TO. Today we'll be learning how to make a Waterfall card .

Step 1: Materials


  • Template
  • Cardstock
  • Metal Corked Back Ruler
  • Tape
  • Box Cutter / X-Acto Knife Adhesives Scissors

Step 2: Cutting Out the Pieces

After you've gathered all the materials, we're going to start with the Waterfall template. Cut and separate each of the pieces with your scissors.

Once that's done, we're going to start with Piece A. Grab a piece of cardstock and tape Piece A onto the cardstock. Then you're going to want to get your scissors and cut along the solid lines.

For those who don't have a scoreboard at home, grab your metal ruler, and use the back of your knife to score along the dotted line. If you do have a scoreboard, score it at three-eighths of an inch. Only score it once!

Now we'll move onto Piece B. Tape it onto the card stock the same way you did with Piece A. Get your knife and cut along the solid lines on the inside of the card. If you have a thick cardstock, you might have to cut along the lines a few times. Finish off by cutting along the dotted lines to get the square out.

You'll want to score Piece B at three-eighths of an inch on the inside square. Score this piece three times.

For Pieces C, D, and E I'll be taping them onto the cardstock and cutting along the solid line.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Starting with Piece A, fold along the scoreline. Fold it back and forth. Do the same thing with the three scorelines for Piece B.

Grab Piece C and apply glue a quarter of an inch onto the side. You'll want to place this piece onto the scoreline furthest to the right. Make sure to put the piece a little bit to the right of the score line or else this card won't work!

Once all the pieces on in place, make sure to open the card up and fold it a few more times! These little things will help improve the cascading effect of the card.

Grab Piece A and apply some adhesive onto it. You'll want to flip Piece B over and place Piece A onto the first scoreline.

Flip the card back over, and if you pull onto Piece A, you should get the waterfall effect!

From here you can add this to a card, scrapbook, or even an explosion box!