Introduction: How to Make Paper Tail Bow

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Looking to add a special touch to the gifts you give to your family and friends? Look no further, you can add this sweet paper tail bow that you can make yourself for that feel-good sensation. This free printable paper bow template makes it very simple to construct and make. It also comes in an SVG file for all my computerized machine cutters out there, it will be a breeze for you as well. An easy frugal bow that Paper Chaser To provided you so you don’t have to spend money! Hurray!

Materials Needed:

Paper Tail Bow Template CLICK HERE




Step 1:

Download and cut the paper tail bow template out.

Take the second piece of the paper tail bow template and add glue in the middle.

Take the third piece and stick it on top of the second piece.

Once your overall piece is dried, curl all the ends with your finger so you can prepare them for gluing.

Step 2:

Glue the third piece ends first and stick them to the centre.

Step 3:

Then do the same with the second piece.

Step 4:

Once all the ends are glued down you are going to add some glue to the middle and stick the fourth piece on

Step 5:

Finally add the circle to the middle to give it more dimension.

Step 6: