Introduction: DIY Whiskey Shelf

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I've started a little Whiskey collection. I noticed my friends also enjoy having a few bottles of liquor in their house, so I decided to make a nice little shelf to display them! Enjoy!

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Get Your Supplies

  • You will need some nice looking wood. I used old reclaimed Fir 2x6.
  • Battery operated LED lights. I purchased mine off Amazon:
  • 1/2" Steel Pipe for shelf brackets
  • Two 5" pipes
  • Four 6" pipes
  • Six floor flanges
  • Two Tee pipes
  • Stain or Danish Oil
  • Screws for mounting and putting together
  • Optional Polyurethane (I did not use Poly)

Step 3: Cut Your Shelves

  • Cut two pieces for the shelves at 30" long
  • Remember to measure twice and cut once!
  • Look at your wood and decide what surfaces you want to be shown

Step 4: LED Cut Out

  • Find the center of the board you wish to use as top shelf
  • Decide if you want the cut-out facing the ceiling or underneath (I chose underneath, shouldn't matter since it's not very visible at eye height
  • Set depth of saw blade to length of LED light housing (The drill will get it the rest of the way. This is for hiding the LEDs/wires)
  • Cut along center line starting 2" from either edge of the board

Step 5: Drill LED Holes

  • Match drill bit to width of LED tip
  • Drill one hole 2" from end all the way through (this is to anchor LED's while you decide placement)
  • Decide what lights face upwards and downwards
  • Upward lights get drilled all the way through
  • Downward lights get drilled enough to set in wood flush (again this is your preference for how you want it to look)

Step 6: Cut Powerbank Wire

  • Trace a line from end of first LED hole to back corner of shelf
  • Cut with same depth on circular saw
  • This will be hidden on the back of shelf but accessible to turn power on/off
  • Clean center groove out with another pass on the circular saw with same depth

Step 7: Sand It Down

  • Clean up your cuts/drill holes by giving it a good sand
  • The reclaimed wood looked really cool and came to life after sanding
  • Normal 2x6 will look nice with some stain

Step 8: Stain

  • Stain or Oil
  • I used a Danish Oil with a Medium Walnut finish
  • Looking good!

Step 9: Glue LED Lights

  • Grab your glue gun
  • Set your LED lights as you want them to be (upwards vs downwards)
  • Tuck your LED wire into groove and glue it all up
  • Take your time as this has the potential to be visible and you want it to look good!

Step 10: Hide Power Supply

  • Start by spray painting your power supply black to camouflage it
  • Measure out power supply for cut-out in wood to hide it on back edge
  • Use drill to make it easy to chisel
  • Chisel out wood to size of power bank for ultimate camouflage
  • Hot glue power bank in your cut-out

Step 11: Prepare Bottom Shelf

  • Sand second piece of 2x6
  • Stain it
  • This will be your bottom shelf

Step 12: Shelf Placement

  • Mark studs using a stud finder
  • Visualize your shelf placement for maximum deliciousness

Step 13: Pipe Brackets

  • Assemble your pipe brackets (shelf supports)
  • Start with floor flange threaded into 6" pipe
  • Then thread the Tee pipe
  • Thread another 6" pipe and floor flange into Tee
  • Tee pipe receives the 5" pipe and floor flange
  • Mount your first pipe shelf bracket
  • Level the second bracket prior to mounting
  • Remember your studs will depict where your pipe brackets are mounted (drywall is not strong enough!)

Step 14: Mount Wood Shelves

  • Make sure the pipe brackets are vertical using your level
  • Screw top and bottom shelves right to the front-facing edges (grab a friend to help you)
  • Make sure its solid and your done!

Step 15: Enjoy!

  • Stock it with your goodies
  • Have a shindig and show it off!
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