Introduction: DIY Wood Planter

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This is my instructable to build a wood planter that fits your plant.

I have a palm and it is just too big for it´s old planter. I searched everywhere to get a bigger planter but I couldn´t find one. I thought of using a rain barrel, but that would look akward. So I decided to build one by my own that will fit my palm.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need to build a wooden planter:

- wood

- wood beams
- wood planks


-16 long screws

- a lot of smaller screws

- angle connectors

- outside wood-glaze

- a brush

- a screwdriver

- garden tarpaulin

- a stapler gun

- four wheels

Step 2: The Cube (that Turns Out to Be a Cuboid)

Fist you need to decide how big your planter should be. Mine will be 57cm (22,4 inch) high and 68cm (26,7 inch) long.

First I built a cubiod. I used 8 longer and 4 shorter wood beams. The long beams where 68cm long and the shorter ones where 57cm long.

Step 3: Cubiod

I started to build two squares. I used the screwdriver and the long screws and put the beams together to two squares.

Now it gets tricky. You need to make a 3D structure. Again use the long screws. You can get someone to help you hold the whole cuboid.

Mine turned out to be a bit wobbly. But it gets better once you add the angle connectors to the cuboid.

Step 4: Angle Connectors

Use the smaller screws to fix the angle connectors. There should be two holes. Only use one hole, the other one is for later to fix the wooden planks.

Step 5: Wood Planks

Next on my plan was the outside of the cuboid. It should look nice so I decided to get some nice planks that I had to cut first and add the screws from the inside, that they turn out to be invisible from the outside.

Step 6: The Right Size

I bought 2m long wood planks (200x9,5cm). My planter should be 57cm high so I had to cut the planks into 57cm long pieces. I needed 8 planks per side that means 32 planks in total.

First I maked where I had to cut them and then I used a saw to cut it.

Step 7: Add the Planks to the Cuboid

My planks could be put together like at picture 1 to 2.

I put 4 times 8 planks together.

Now lay one of these 8 grouped together planks on the floor and lay the cuboid ontop of it. Make sure the cuboid and the planks end together. Now you need the smaller screws. Use the screwdriver and put one screw from the inside through the cuboid into the plank. Do that with every plank, one screw at the bottom and one at the top of the cuboid. At the corner put the screw through the angle connectors.

Make that with the three other sides. It should turn out like picture 3.

By putting the screws in from the inside you don´t have screws on the outside, just make sure that your screws are not to long.

Step 8: Floor

Put the cuboid ontop of your base. For a base I used plywood 68x68cm. Now use the smaller screws and put them through the base of the cuboid into the plywood. It should look like picture 3.

Step 9: Paint

Now you need to paint it. My planter will be outside and to protect it from the weather I painted it with outside wood-glaze. Look at the container to know how to apply the wood galze to your wood. I painted mine twice both inside and outside.

Step 10: Tarpaulin

I covered the inside of my planter with tarpaulin. I just used an old cover for wood. To fix it I used a staple gun.

Step 11: Wheels

The planter is quite big, to move it I added wheels. Make sure the wheels can bear the weight. I used wheels that can bear 200kg in total. Just fix them with screws.

Step 12: A Hole

When you water your plant the water should be able to drain. Therefore I cut a hole into the base. (You can do that at the beginning when the base isn´t attached to the rest of the planter) And fixed the cover at the edges.

Turn it around and your planter is done!

Step 13: Wood Planter

Now plant your plant in it.

There you go - Your self-made Wood Planter -

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