Introduction: DIY Wooden Doormat

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Need a way to spruce up your front porch? How about a handmade DIY Wooden Doormat! This doormat is super easy to build and is made with inexpensive pressure treated 2x2 balusters and sisal rope. Make this in an afternoon and have a great conversation piece at your front door. And as you'll see from the's so easy!


  • (10) 36" pressure treated 2x2 balusters
  • 15' of 3/8" sisal rope
  • Stain/sealer/weatherproofer


  • Miter saw or hand saw
  • Cordless drill or drill press
  • 7/16" drill bit

If you want a little more detail about the process and a free plan with all the measurements then go check out my blog post:

Step 1: Cut the Pieces to Size

Out of the 10 36" 2x2's, cut 30 long pieces at 9-3/4" long and 12 short pieces at 3" long.

You can get 3 long pieces and 2 short pieces per 2x2.

Step 2: Drill the Holes in the Pieces

Drill a 7/16" hole into the short pieces that is 1-1/2" from the end and 3/4" from the sides. In the long pieces you will drill two holes, one on each end spaced 1-1/2" from the end and 3/4" from the sides.

Before the next step, round all the hard edges from the cutting with a sander or sandpaper.

Step 3: Apply Finish/sealer to the Pieces

Use the sealer or exterior finish of your choice and finish all the pieces. I used a cedar color tinted exterior weatherproofer. I put on 2 coats for color consistency and protection.

Step 4: String the Sisal Rope Through the The Pieces

Start with a short piece and alternate back and forth between short pieces and long piece for 6 of each. Run the 3/8" sisal rope through the pieces. To help thread the rope, wrap the end with electrical tape.

After the first row, add in 6 long pieces per row and string the rope through the pieces as shown. On the last row, use the remaining 6 short pieces as in the first row.

Tie a knot in the far end of the rope and then pull the rope tight through the whole doormat. Tie a knot on the other end and pull it as tight to the wood as you can. Cut the excess rope and you are done!

For more details and free plans with measurements head over to the blog post: