Introduction: Yard Games Made From Recycled Wood

I've got four awesome giant yard games to show you.

I created this games from recycled wood as a way to keep my kids busy and active.

You can include your kids to help you, like I included my daughter and we had a great time.

The classic game of dominoes and tic tac toe are so much fun if you make them giant.

Animal movement block is the perfect way to keep kids busy and it's a very simple game since all you do is roll the dice and do the animal movement.

And this chalk blocks are great for playing in sandbox.

Let's play and have some fun!!

Step 1:

tic tac toe

I used a tree stump to make a perfect tic tac toe board and some rocks to make figures.All you have to do is paint them with some acrylic paint or markers, the way you like it, and you have a figures to play with.

Step 2:

giant yard dominoes

To make this dominoes I used recycled wood, boards and painted them black. I used bottle cap to help me paint domino dots.

Step 3:

animal movement game

For animal movement game I used wooden block as its base. I used photo transfer to create animal pictures on a block and to write animal movements a used markers.

Step 4:

chalk blocks

For chalk blocks game I also used wooden blocks as its base and painted them with chalk paint. The kids can write on them and then wipe off the chalk with some wet sponge and write on them again.

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