Introduction: DIY Yarnshade! Get Yarnified With This Project :-)

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In this tutorial you can find a cool and simple technique to transform yarn and a plastic bottle into a very cool lampshade! :-) Even better, make a few of them and bundle them together. The electrical cables can be yarnified as well. Lights up very nice and at daytime your lampshades look very soft, colorful and invite to touch them. What color combinations would you make?? :-)

Let's get started!

Step 1: Collect Ingredients for Making the Yarnshades

empty plastic bottles ( containing 2/1,5 liter )
yarn in any color you like
lightbulb holder / LED lamp / cable / power plug
hotglue gun
all purpose glue
crafts knife

Step 2: Working on the Bottle

Cut off the cap and cut the bottle to the length you want your Yarnshade to be. I used the knife first and afterwards the scissor to make a more straight cut. Now lets see if it fits for the lamp :-)

Step 3: Lets Yarnify!

Start with fixing the yarn with hot glue on the neck of the bottle. Now carefully make your first 3 rows so you will have a great starting point. Note: The neck of the bottle is more resistant to the heat of the glue gun so you can only use the glue gun here. The plastic on the body of the bottle seems to be thinner and will deform the bottle. Lets switch to the all purpose glue and circle all the way down. For every row, make sure there are no gaps. Add glue only a few rows a time because else the glue might become too dry.

Step 4: Insert the Lamp and Make a Few More

Insert the lamp into the Yarnshade and lets test! :-) Use LED lamps only! for safety reasons. When you make more then one Yarnshade, you could hang a few together and also wrap yarn around the power cable to make it look extra cool :-) That will be the next step.

Step 5: Wrap Yarn Around Your Power Cords As a Finishing Touch :-)

Hold your cables in place by using zip ties. Afterwards you can make a knot just above the cable exit of the lamp bulbholder and start wrapping the wires. Use a bit of hot glue from time to time to make sure the yarn is not going to move around in difficult places.

Step 6: And There Was Light! :-)

Time to enjoy your hard work! :-)

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