DIY Breadboard Power Supply

Introduction: DIY Breadboard Power Supply

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In this project I´m making an 5v and 12v power supply for the Radioshack breadboard. his

Step 1: Parts

The parts I used for this project is:

* 5v to 12v step up

* Wires

* Small project box

* 4 male pins


* Breadboard

* 4x battery holder / USB cable

Step 2: Make It Fit

My 5-12v step up did not fit in the box I have so I had to cut off the wire connectors and solder the wires to the board instead of screwing them to it.

Step 3: The Power Connectors

Solder two male headers to an 2x2 PCB and than the + and - cable to the pins, do that to both cables.

Step 4: The Box

Make two holes one one side of the box and one on the other side, the holes have to be big inouf for the cables.

Step 5: Soldering

Take 6 wires and solder 4 to the input and 2 to the output.

Step 6: Mounting

Screw the two input wires to + and - on the breadboard connectors, and connect 5v to the red and black connectors.


iIIf you have any questions please ask in the comments and share a photo if you make it :)

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