Introduction: DIY Doorbell for Your Room

I found an old doorbell in the garage and decided to make my own personal doorbell for my room.  this is a  really easy project, and i took me like 5-10 minutes to do it.

Step 1: Materials


1.5-3v buzzer



AA or AAA 2-battery holder


soldering iron





Step 2: The Doorbell

Take apart the doorbell. i only had 2 screws on the back that I had to unscrew. then take out the circuit board (optional, just easier for soldering). I used alligator clips to find which 2 points would work. When you find out what points work, then solder a wire to each spot. Now just put the doorbell back together.

Step 3: Complete the Circuit

Now solder the negative wire from the buzzer to the negative wire from the battery pack. then solder the positive wire from the buzzer to a wire coming from the doorbell and the positive wire from the battery pack to the other wire from the doorbell. I used heatshrink tubing to cover up the wires. Now just put in the batteries and test it out to make sure it works.

NOTE: I wired the wires backwards. You should hook up the red wires to the switch and not the black like i did.

Step 4: Install It

I screwed the doorbell to the front of my door, then ran the wires to the back and screwed the battery back and buzzer in place. Finally I put electrical tape over the wires to make it look a little nicer and put batteries in the holder. (Later on I drilled a hole behind the doorbell and threaded the wire through it to the back to make it look better).

Step 5: Video

Here is a video  of me using my doorbell. I hope you enjoyed this instructable. please rate and comment. thanks for viewing :)