D.I.Y. Easy 3 Different Plastic Glass Holder/decor Piece

Introduction: D.I.Y. Easy 3 Different Plastic Glass Holder/decor Piece

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Plastic one time use glasses are very inexpensive and easy to decor and add charm to your table.I really hope you'll like them as these are easy to make and time consuming.

Step 1: 1.Gather Your Materials- 1.plastic One Time Use Glasses 2.glue 3.craft Paper/wrapping Paper 4.nail Polish 5.scissor

Step 2: Now,for the First One,cut Longitudinal Stripes of Wrapping Paper As Your Wish.then Cut Them Into Square Ones and Glue Them on the Glass Diagonally in a Longitudinal Row.

and it's ready after drying!

Step 3: For the Second One,you Need to Cut Different Colored Craft Paper or As You Like Into Heart Shape.now Just Glue Them As You Like!

Step 4: For the 3rd One,paint the Glass With Your Favorite Nail Polish.You Can Make a Dot, Round or Any Other Shape You Like.I Preferred Polka Dots!

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