Introduction: DIY Night Vision Mask a La Oblivion


This is my first thread here on instructables, so try to be nice to me ;-)

I'm a fan of the movie oblivion with Tom Cruise as a fighter against

extraterrestrial enemies but the truth is quite different ...

Those enemies are wearing beautiful and mystic costumes, which I like very much. The costumes include some Gadgets like stealth-materials. Unfortunately I couldn't get these materials from the NASA or Lockheed...

So I decided to build a cheap night vision device.

Step 1: Disassembly of the Old Video Cam

For the DIY night Vision device you must have an old Video cam including a CRT (cathode ray tube). It's like an old Television but much, much smaller and therefore ideal for this Project. You only have to supply the unit with the right voltage (f.e. 5V or less) and to connect the input-cable with the small CCTV-module...

Step 2: The Gas Mask As the Base

To look like a oblivion-mask I took an old gas mask bought on ebay (from Lithuania as far as I remember). I removed the glasses and mounted the CRT-housing in front of one eye. To be more flexible in fighting, the CRT can be turned to the outside for a better sight during daylight...

Step 3: The CCTV-module

To see at night you have to use a small CCTV-module, which can be bought on ebay for few dollars . I fixied it directly at the original videocam-housing to garantee the right point of view. Attention: To make the module sensitive for IR-light you maybe have to remove the IR-blocking filter between the lens and the cmos-sensor...
Finally my mother crocheted me a net as a headgear similar to the original costume.

Step 4: Some Further Useful Parts

But the mask isn't finished yet. To use as much parts as possible I clued some orange LED's around the lens of the dismantled video camera and fixed it on the other side of the mask. Then I tucked a tube usually used for small ponds and pumps in the mouth-piece of the gas mask. To communicate with the other fighters I use a optical-fiber-toy of my daughter. To increase the intensity of infrared light I mounted further IR-LED's on the forehead.
Furthermore, I used a black shirt and added some protectors (foam covered with flexible textile) for the completion of my costume.

Step 5: The Results

The night vision device works excellent even it's totally dark. So I'm able to find my children even they hide in their dark rooms ;-)

I hope you enjoyed this short description of my oblivion mask. I think it comes pretty close to the original and this just using simple parts from the Hardware store and ebay...

Here's my YouTube-channel with further DIY-Videos (science, handicraft ...):

more physics projects:

Thank's for spending your time :-)