DIY (ceiling Stand) Flashlight




Introduction: DIY (ceiling Stand) Flashlight

With a single rare-earth (neodymium) circular magnet, I could make the flashlight stick to any metal surface.

I'm positive the magnet will NOT damage your flashlight.

Items used:

  • 1/43 diameter x 1/103 thick circular magnet (fit perfectly inside the LD01 tail)
  • Super glue (be careful once you glue, it sticks forever)
  • Fenix LD01 flashlight

Step 1: Glue the Magnet

Remember, once you glue the magnet, it will be stuck really hard to the flashlight.

Using any kind of super-glue, glue the magnet inside the flashlight tail (I used 1/43 diameter x 1/103 thick magnet), I bought these magnet at Lee Valley store.

Step 2: Testing Out

After few sec, you can give it a try to any metal surface.

Visit my site as well if you like this idea. Thanks

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