Introduction: Paracord 4-Peg Spool Knitting

Here is what I’ve got for my paracord 4-peg spool knitting kit. This is a very cheap and easy DIY project. So let me show you how:


  • a PVC Coupling - 2.25 inches outer diameter (bought at HomeDepot for $1.49).
  • 4 Cotter Pin - 2 inches long (bought at HomeDepot for $1.53)
  • Supper Glue.
  • Electrical Tape. (your choice of tape)
  • A Dremel tool with cutting wheels.

Step 1: Mark the 4 Pins

It’s important to find the 4 spots for the cotter pins. With my measurement and math I’ve learned back in the day, basically I traced the outer diameter of PVC coupling and find a center point of the circle, then draw 2 square line across. Here is what I’ve got:

Step 2: Dremel Time!

Marker the 4 lines along the PVC coupling (that where the cotter pins sit on). Using a Dremel tool, I’ve carved out the lines that fit the 4 pins (make sure you don’t cut through the pipe), and be sure the pins sit on tight and flat on the surface.

Step 3: Supper GLUE!

Supper glue the pins all together. Keep the pins with the same height.

Step 4: Taping It. DONE!

This is an extra step. Using electrical tape and tape around the PVC pipe to cover those expose pins. You can use your choice of tape.

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