Introduction: DIY:PAPER BIRD

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This is a super cool craft for kids. It does require a bit of diligence but every minute put into this project is worth it as it is simple and easy to make.

So lets begin.

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Step 1: Things Required

  1. Fevicryl Acrylic Colour Black 02 & White 27.
  2. Fevicol/glue.
  3. A 4 sized colorful card papers.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Scissors.

Step 2: Take Paper

  1. Take an A4 sized beige color card paper.
  2. Roll the paper to make the conical shape approximately 8 cm (body).

Step 3: Feathers

  • Take colorful card paper to make colorful feathers by making small squares of papers.

Step 4: Cut the Papers to Make the Small Feathers on the Boby of the Parrot by Cutting the Fringes.

Step 5: Take Elongated Strips of Green Colored Card Paper, Cut the Fringes to Make the Feathers of the Tail.

Step 6: Wings

  1. To make the wings of the bird take beige colored card paper.
  2. Draw and cut the paper to make tear drop shape approximately 5” size.

Step 7:

  1. Take blue and pink colored card paper.
  2. Draw and cut few elongated petal shaped feathers for the wings..

Step 8:

  • Stick the elongated feathers on the tear drop shaped paper using fevicol/glue as shown in the image.

Step 9: Beak

  1. Take red colored card paper to make the beak.
  2. Make the conical shaped as the upper and lower part of the beak.
  3. Make sure that the upper beak will be bigger than the lower beak.

Step 10: Legs

  1. Take red colored card paper to make the legs.
  2. Draw and cut the paper in the form of the letter ‘W’.
  3. Pinch the paper on each pointed to give the dimensional effect.

Step 11: Attaching the Body

  1. Take the conical shaped which we have made for the body.
  2. Arrange and stick the colorful feathers along with the wings on the body using fevicol/glue.
  3. Leave it to dry.

Step 12: Finishing the Bird

  1. Arrange and stick the legs, the elongated feathers of the tail and the head, the beak using fevicol/glue.
  2. Let it dry.
  3. Take green card paper and cut small circle to make the eyes of the bird.
  4. Paint the oval shaped eyes with Acrylic colours black 02 and white 27 respectively.
  5. Stick the eyes appropriately using fevicol/glue.
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