Introduction: DJ Booth / Bookshelf

This project was to build a DJ booth / book shelf using 100 year old reclaimed Douglas fir. The raw dimensions of the wood was 13" wide by 3" thick. The size and thickness of the material made it difficult to work with. A 12" compound miter saw was used for the cuts. All the boards were glued together using wood dowels and carpenter's wood glue. No screws were used in this project.


3" x 13" reclaimed Douglas Fir board

1" x 12" Douglas Fir Boards

1/4" wood dowels

Carpenter wood glue

Ratcheting straps

Dowel Jig

Self centering dowel jig

12" compound miter saw

table saw

Step 1: Building the DJ Booth Section

First step was to measure the space the bookshelf / DJ booth was to be installed in. Once I had the measurements, I cut all the pieces for the DJ booth portion and dry fit them together with ratcheting straps. I drilled the holes using a drill guide to make sure all the holes were perpendicular. On the end pieces I used a self centering drill guide to ensure the holes were dead center on the boards. At this point no glue was used.

Step 2: Bookshelf Section.

Next step was to cut the pieces for the bookshelf and dry fit them together with the DJ booth section. The same process was used above for drilling the dowel holes for the book shelf. A 45 degree angle miter cut was used where the DJ booth and Bookshelf met. I used a 12" compound miter saw for this cut. The center end pieces (best seen in the 3rd image. This is where the DJ and Book shelf meet.) were cut at 45 degrees by feeding them through a table saw. Again everything was dry fit together using ratcheting straps and wood dowels.

Step 3: Building the Shelves.

After I was satisfied with the fit I began work on the shelves for the bookshelf portion. The shelving was put together using wood dowels as well (no screws). When they were put into place and when I was satisfied with the fit it was time to disassemble and move to its final destination. I had to do it this way as the entire unit probably weight 600 lbs. The shape of the unit would have caused me a lot of trouble too as I was putting on the 3rd floor. Better to assemble and glue in the room it was going to be used in.

Step 4: Final Destination: Assembled and Glued.

Once transported, all the pieces had their wood dowels installed and glued. Ratcheting straps were put on for 24 hours as the glue set. I liked this project, think it all turned out well.

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