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Introduction: DJ Setup

Decided to build something that would make my DJ setup a little easier. Before i had to go back and forth to trailer to get equipment which takes some time and not to mention a few times of backaches while doing so. I purchased a Rock N Roller cart and decided to modify it a bit. I welded some aluminum angle line to build a frame for the top and built a custom box to store my mixer. Also i built the top out of abs 1/4" plastic so i could use the box as a storage unit to keep my cables, extension chords, and wireless mic equipment. Now i just haul most, the heavy stuff, equipment in one shot and also use the cart as my table. Here are some pictures. Let meknow what you think.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty unique ,,,I acquired a old -school TV cart made with steel railing .I am able to make the bottom half a complete rack system.I like how you made a boxed system in the top for your mixer.