Introduction: DL-44 (Han Solos Blaster)

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DL 44 is han solos blaster in star wars designed with tinkercad.

I designed this awhile back in tinkercad. So design instructions are not very detailed

Step 1: Tool Used

  • 3D printer
  • Tinkercad
  • Slicing software

Step 2: Design

Designed in tinkercad and scaled up a bit in simplify3d

  1. made barrel out of cylinder
  2. added cone to end and hollowed it
  3. made a line of holes
  4. duplicated turned and duplicated until it was all the way around
  5. added more detail to barrel
  6. used a few rectangles to behind it
  7. added hollowed cylinders in back
  8. cut hole for trigger
  9. added frame around where trigger will be
  10. added trigger made of stretched cylinder with another one cutting into that
  11. added mounts
  12. made scope out of cylinder
  13. added cone and another cylinder
  14. added cylinder sticking up towards right side of scope with another on top of that
  15. added a detailed handle made out of cylinder and dome
  16. cut ring holes into it
  17. added screws made of domes
  18. scaled in simplify 3d

Step 3: Printing

Printed with supports in pla with a .2 mm layer height.

Don't use abs it is a long print and could warp off supports!Do not put supports in tip they may be hard or impossible to remove without breaking the tip!

Step 4: Please Vote

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