Introduction: Tinkercad Tips and Tricks

About: Robotics and Manufacturing Student at RIT. I try to accelerate learning through projects when I have the time. Haven't had much to share in the past few years, but hope to soon!

This a collection of my favorite tinkercad features and a couple tricks I use.

I may add more soon

Step 1: The View Cube

In tinkercad 2.0 and up there is a view cube you can rotate it to change view or click one of views on it to go there.

This is also in other autodesk software

Step 2: Saving a Photo

This is very simple but very useful if you design image is not showing up

  • Click share
  • Click download

You can set it to cover

  • Add photo
  • Click choose file
  • Choose file
  • hover over image
  • Click set as default image

Step 3: Changing the View

This one is very simple but kind of cool

To switch view just click button under zoom out.

Step 4: Moving the Workplane

  • Click work plane or press f8
  • Click on surface

Step 5: Sizing the Workplane

Useful for larger projects

  • Click edit grid
  • Choose your unit and dimension
  • Click update grid

Step 6: Ruler

The ruler tool is very useful for viewing and editing dimension

  • Click ruler
  • Click where you want it
  • Click object for dimensions

Step 7: Duplicating

This is my personal favorite

  • Click object
  • Press control d or click duplicate
  • Move and/or rotate
  • Press control d or click duplicate to duplicate what you just did

Step 8: Mirroring

Mirroring is also a cool feature. I don't use it a ton but still very neat

  • Click object
  • Click flip or m
  • Click arrows to flip in that axis

Step 9: Rounding Edges

Sometimes you may need to round edges. You can use the controls. However if you don't want the whole thing rounded you will need to make something.

My method

  • Bring in cube
  • Brink in cylinder
  • Put maximum amount of sides on cylinder
  • Switch to hole
  • rotate square 45°
  • move cylinder 75 percent into it
  • align
  • group
  • switch to hole
  • rotate -45°
  • group with your object

Step 10: Rendering

You can also render a tinkercad design. see this instructable

Step 11: "Tinker Flash"

If two or more slightly different shapes have a side merged with another you get your colors flashing

Step 12: Extra Tips

  • Click shift while resizing an object to resize all dimensions
  • Click f after selecting an object to focus on it

Step 13: Printing in Dual Color

If you would like to know how to use tinkercad for dual color printing

Check this out Dual Color Printing