Introduction: DODOcase Kit Build

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Well this is the first Instructable in my first Build Night experience, firstly I know this is not a mod but personally I thought the instructions on the kit were a bit hard to understand so the is why I am making this Ible, specially if anyone has problems understanding how to assemble the kit this can help, let's take it as a mod for the instructions :)

Step 1: Materials & Tools

The materials you are going to need are the following:

- DODO case VR Kit.

- Your hands.

Want anything more simple? Haha

Step 2: NFC Tag & Velcro

I will be using the same procedure as in the given instructions but will be providing more pictures and a bit more text for better understanding.

Firstly you attach your NFC tag to the designated place and on the same side attach the scratchy side of your velcro, on the other designated side put the non scratchy side.

Step 3: Eye Rings & Lenses

Using your ring shaped stickers apply them were told, they must have an overhang so you can stick your lenses into place. After putting your stickers put the flat side of the lenses on the overhang of the sticker.

Step 4: Magnet

Now using your double sided tape stick it on to the designated place and fold both "A" panels together, now insert your magnet in the hole and all done.

Step 5: Nose Piece & Face Plate

Insert your nose piece on to your face plate and insert your face plate on to your kit, ready for final assembly. Yay!

Step 6: Closing Up

Now using the tape that is left, apply it on the designated place and close your kit up, be sure to leave everything in place and well fitted. Also stick on supports if necessary for your device.

Step 7: Forehead Sticker?

Well this was the "tricky" part of the project because we didn't know what to do with this sticker, if anybody reading this knows if we did this right or wrong please let me know and if it was wrong what was supposed to be done with it?

Step 8: Done!

All done what is left to do is to put your device in and enjoy! Well that is all on this first Instructable, be sure to check the following one on this series.

Hoped all of you liked it and leave some feedback always welcomed :)