Mirrors like this retail for over $60! My DIY version costs about $8 and all the materials were purchased from Dollar Tree.

Materials needed:

Foam wreath

-Circle mirror

-5 packs of gold floral wire

-Wire cutters

-Hot glue

-Gold Spray Rustoleum American Accents Metallic Bright Gold

----------------------------- How to hang it: -----------------------------

Hammer nail into the wall and then press foam mirror through it. That's it and it stays perfectly

Step 1: Coat Foam Wreath With Glue

Coat foam wreath with glue on all surfaces except the side you will hang. I used wood glue. The foam is very flaky and with out the layer of glue, the spray paint would flake off and not adhere properly.

Step 2: Create Decorative Design With Hot Glue Gun

Create decorative design with hot glue gun. I made swirl designs on the sides and a scalloped design on the top

Step 3: Spray Paint Foam Wreath

I did one light coat of spray paint on all sides except the side that would hang. The spray paint is metallic gold by rusteoleum

Step 4: Create Flower Petal Shape Out of Wire

I chose to create a flower petal shape out of the wire. But get creative! use the wire to make any shape you desire. You will need wire cutters to cut through the wire. Twist the ends of the wire and insert them into the sides of the foam. Take your hot glue gun and fill in the big hole the wire creates so that your wire is now stabilized and so that you don't have to worry about the wire sliding around.

I did not create precise measurements for the petals. I suggest measuring out the lengths of each petal so that you are able to use most of your wire. I had so many wire scraps left over and had I measured, I would have been able to stretch the amount of wire I had further.

Step 5: It Will Look Like This When Your Finished With All the Petals

Step 6: Take Wire Scraps and Create Four Anchors

Take the wire and create four half moon shapes. Insert them inside the foam wreath and hot glue them in place. The insert your mirror into the foam wreath and then hot glue the mirror in place from the back side.


I hope that you enjoyed this dollar tree mirror wall decor tutorial. Please check out my video for more details and visit my youtube channel MIZFASHIONABLYLATE20 for more of my high quality, fun and inexpensive home decor projects.


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