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hi after my LINUX TERMINAL CONTROLLED ROVER and WIFI DTMF PC CONTROLLED ROBOT this is my third robot. and like other two here also i didnt use any microcontroller or programming to keep it simple and easy to also streams live video over wifi and it can also stream it over internet.

video link click here

Step 1:

to make this robot i used following simple electronics parts (see pic above)



3. a dtmf module

4. few connector wire (i made these using female header)

5. a 7.2 volt battery pack to power motors

6. a 3.7 volt battery to power both motor driver and dtmf module

Step 2:

now lets assemble it (see pic above)

first we need to connect both motor channel to motor driver. then place dtmf module on robot chassis and connect four pin data output of dtmf module to four pin data input of motor driver with the female connector we are powering up our dtmf module and motor driver with same battery(3.7 volt) so i am connecting both terminal with a wire.after that i am connecting the 3.7 volt battery.after that i am connecting 7.2 volt battery for motors.there after i am attaching the second layer of the chassis and a cardboard box to hold mobile phone.

Step 3:

getting ready....

i am using a video streaming app called ipwebcam for video streaming purpose.also we need to on hotspot in case not using data connection and now place the mobile on rover on another phone connect to the hotspot and open vlc then go to stream and put the ip address along with port number and /video or /videofeed i am using pop-up feature for floating call to the mobile on rover accept call and drive it. press 5 for forward, 0 for backward, 6 for left, 9 for right and 3 for stop

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