Introduction: DVD Holder Carousel

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In this instructable you will be making a DVD Holder Carousel.

You will need:

- Used DVD Holder,

- Electric drill,

- Hole cutter,

- Metal wire (1.5 mm thickness),

- Pliers,

- Wire stripper, used to cut the metal wire (optional),

- pencil,

- and ruler.

Step 1: Mark Eight Holes

Use pencil and then hole cutter to mark eight holes equally spaced around the DVD carousel.

Step 2: Drill Eight Holes

Use drill to make eight holes in the old DVD holder.

Step 3: Cut 20 Cm Metal Wire Pieces

Use ruler and pliers to cut eight 20 cm metal wire pieces. 20 cm is about 8 inches.

Step 4: Attach Wire Pieces

Insert wire pieces into the old DVD holder holes and spin the metal wire ends around the wire as shown in the photo with pliers.

Step 5: Spin or Wind the Wire Pieces

Use pliers to spin on wind the wire pieces.

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