Introduction: Recycled Samovar

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In this Instructable you will be making a Samovar from three tune cans.

Definition of Samovar:

"Is a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in Russia",

You can put hot objects inside and smoke will come out of the chimney.

You will need:

- hack saw (to cut the pipe),

- one or two big tuna cans (you need one but you might ruin it),

- two or three small tuna cans (you need two but you might ruin them),

- ruler (optional),

- 2 mm thickness metal wire,

- 1 mm thickness metal wire,

- pliers,

- hammer(to hammer holes),

- one nail (to hammer holes),

- scissors.

Do not rush with this Instructable. Give you self plenty of time.

Step 1: Bend Sharp Bits

Bend sharp bits with pliers as shown in the photo in all three cans to avoid cutting yourself.

Step 2: Hammer Holes for Joints in Big Can

Hammer holes in big can to make joints later.

You will need hammer in four or three holes, depending on how many joints or connectors your want. The minimum is three. Otherwise the Samovar would not stand. The maximum could be six. I did four.

Use pliers to squash the holes so that sharp bits are not sticking out as you see in the fourth photo.

Step 3: Hammer in Hole for Chimney in Big Can

You hammer in the middle.

Use scissors to widen the hole. You can also further widen the hole with pliers or hammer in the chimney pipe.

Be gentle with the scissors.

Step 4: Hammer in Hole for Chimney in Small Can

Repeat the last step for small can.

Be gentle with the scissors.

Step 5: Insert the Chimney

Wind the 1 mm thickness metal wire onto the chimney pipe end as shown in the first photo.

By then the pipe should be cut with hacksaw to a length of about 15 cm to 20 cm.

Insert chimney through the holes of the two cans.

Wind the metal wire on top to tighten the two cans with chimney pipe.

Do not worry if it is not straight. Mine is not straight. Do not worry if you cut your self slightly by this step. I also cut my self at times.

Step 6: Hammer in Holes for Stand

Hammer In eight or minimum six holes for stand. I did eight.

Half of the holes are for the legs, the other half for the joints or connectors to top of the Samovar body that you almost completed by now.

Use pliers to squash the holes sharp bits that are sticking out like you did with the big can. Use hammer to squash the holes sharp bits that are sticking out, as shown in the last photo. Be gentle with the hammer or you will squash the can.

Step 7: Make the Legs

The legs should be about 12 in length, made from 2 mm thickness metal wire. You can see on the first photo how I did the legs with single piece of metal wire.

The legs will become slightly shorter after you twist them with pliers as shown in the third photo.

Step 8: Make the Joints

Cut four or three 12 cm, 2 mm thickness metal wire pieces and attach as shown in the photos by twisting with pliers.

Step 9: Put the Top Part on to the Stand

You insert the top part onto bottom part (stand) with joints as shown. You can twist the wires in loop that go through the holes of the stand, to make sure the top part does not fall off when turn the Samovar upside down. However, better you leave it loose so that you can easily remove the top and put hot objects on the stand for future use.

You are now done.

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