Introduction: DWC Hydroponics Growing System

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Follow the below-written steps to make your own homemade DWC bubbler Hydroponic Growing system by using the bucket. It is easy to make and maintain the system. Build it under 100 dollars with our advanced method.

Step 1: Choose the Right Size Bucket

First of all, decide the size fo your DWC growing system. 5-gallon DWC system is best for growing lettuce, tomatoes, basil, etc. If you do not have experience of making homemade DWC systems then we advise you to stick to the 5-gallon reservoir. Once you understand the whole process of making DIY DWC then move tot eh large system by attaching more bucket to the single water and air pump.

Step 2: Collect All the Equipment You Need

1. 5 Gallon bucket

2. Electric air pump

3. Net Cups

4. Air Stone

5. Drill Machine for making holes into the buckets

6. Connecting hose 0.5x1mm

7. Hydroton

8.pH test Kit

9.pH up and Down Solution

10. Rockwool Cubes

11.Grow Light

Step 3: Attach Hosing Pipe With Bucket

The first step is to attach the connecting pipe with the bucket. make a hole into the top of the bucket and insert a connecting pipe into it (make sure it touches the bottom of the bucket). Do not use hard plastic pipes to use any water pipe with a small diameter. If you are unable to find the pipe at the market go to the hydroponic store they will give you the exact size pipe to connect your air stone with it. which is further connecting to the air pump. one end of the pipe will be connected to the airstone while another end to the air pump.

Step 4: Attach Air Stone

when you finish with making a hole in the bucket and inserting a pipe into it. Now its time to attach the air stone with the pipe inserted into the bucket. Airstone should stay at the bottom of the bucket for the entire growing session. The main function of the airstone is to make bubbles which make the hydroponic nutrient solution fresh and also increases the moisture level under the net cups. The humid environment is suitable for plant roots to grow big and strong. Plants with strong root system surely grow strong and produce more yield.

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Step 5: Connect Air Pump

Connect the Air pump with another end of the connecting pipe. This pump supplies the fresh oxygen to the solution which prevents the formation of fungus and bacteria. Roots also need fresh oxygen which they transfer to the plant with the food.

The capacity of the Airpump is depended upon the capacity of your DIY DWC system. Normal small size Air Pump is enough for 5 to 10-gallon reservoir size. In DIY DWC systems water in the buckets stay there for a long time and pump keep it fresh by making bubbles in the water.

Step 6: Final Step

Add some water or nutrient-rich solution into the bucket. Now check the pH level of the water solution by using the pH checking kit. The ideal pH for DWC system is 5.5 to 6. Add some pH up to increase the low pH level and down pH to lower the pH ratio. Once the pH of the solution comes to the ideal point then put the Netcup over the bucket and add some hydroton.

Now take the seedlings and place them into the middle of the net cup, Take out the seedlings from the cloning try and put them in the Rockwool cube first and then place in the net cup. Hydroton is used to support the Rockwool cube.

Your system is ready to grow plants. Turn on the air pump and check that it is making bubbles into the water.