Introduction: DXG 305V Digital Camera Battery Mod - No More Worn Out Batteries!

I've had this digital camera for several years, and I found that it would suck the power out of the rechargeable batteries in no time! I finally thought of a way to mod it so that I could save the batteries for those times when I actually needed them. This turned out to be a simple mod, using only a couple of small blade connectors, an Exacto knife, a vise grip and a cell phone charger! Please excuse the low quality of the pics, I was using a cheapo webcam to photograph my camera lol...

Step 1: Remove Batteries and Find the Positive and Negative Posts

I simply removed the batteries and found that the right side positive post and the left side negative post were the 'ends' of the circuit. (see positive circled in red and negative circled in black) I then placed a small blade connector in front of each post and slid a battery back into place against it.

Step 2: Adding Charger Wires to the Connectors

I then dug out a suitable AC adapter, which turned out to be a Nokia cell phone charger. Because of the fact that the camera originally used 4 AAA batteries in series, I chose this charger because it was the correct voltage (6v) and low amperage. I cut off the plug, stripped the insulation and bared about an inch or so of each wire. I slid them into the connectors and crimped them into place using the vise grips. I reinserted the wires into their respective posts, butting the batteries against them to hold them in place.

Step 3: Testing the Connection

I plugged the charger in to test the connection, and it worked beautifully! After unplugging, I turned the connectors sideways to fit inside the compartment and routed the wires down to the lower left corner of the compartment.

Step 4: Putting the Cover Back on and Testing the Camera Again

I slid the cover back onto the compartment, allowing the wires to extend out the lower corner. I turned the camera back on, and verified that it was working properly.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

I went back and carved out a small notch where the wires came out of the battery compartment so that the cover fits properly. Now I can use the camera as long a period as I want to, as long as I have an AC source available! The real beauty is that I didn't do any serious modding of the body of the camera! I hope anyone out there with a DXG or similar camera without an external DC connector can use this method.