Introduction: Dancing, Flying Magnet Machine!

(okay that's just my opinion)  

seriously, it takes advantage of a physical principle of electromagnetism.
The part about moving currents create magnetic fields and moving magnets creating electric field, remember now from you last physics class??
When you supply power to this device, in the form of an amplified audio signal, the magnet dances, bumps, flips, and all out goes NUTS! in this little tube.
It is crazy to watch this, and all of the patterns that form while running.

Step 1:

Sorry about the picture being sideways, not sure how to fix that just yet.
really i tried to keep this simple, only using part i knew just about any average Joe could find around the house. Don't stick to my materials EXACTLY, expand use what ever you have!
-old pill bottle
-bits of wire
-hot glue (greatest stuff EVER!)
-coils or inductors from some TV's or speakers
-tiny pictures :P
-2 old CD's
-solder for the electrical connections.

Step 2: Hmmmm, Where to Start.

Scratch an outline of the size piece you will need.
This part is the platform the magnet will rest on and bounce off of.

Step 3: Platforms, Not Only for Politics.

Cut out your platform, you will have to trim and sand it to make it fit.
make it look well done, you want someone else to look at this and think "man they know what they're doing," get it nice and round.


you don't want to get this whole thing done, and have to go back to trim up fragile pieces.
seriously this is important!

Step 5: Scavenge!

Two coils from some stuff i had laying around.
you could even make your own with enough copper wire.
this isn't exactly.... one of those optional steps... lol

Step 6: Hot Glue!

attach the smaller coil to the circle with HOT GLUE!
try to get it centered.
If you can find a coil without a ferrite core, it would be best.

you also need to cut out the supports for the platform.
use about an inch, you can adjust it as need be, BUT REMEMBER, too much space and the fields will be too weak to move the magnet, too little and the magnet won't be able to move.

Step 7: Hmmm, That Looks About Right

Glue the supports it place, make sure they don't interfere with your cover.
and of course, MORE HOT GLUE!!!
Then flip it over and attach it to the base.
simple enough. 

Step 8: Circulatory System

Your going to need those bits of wire now, speaker wire works well since this will be plugged into a stereo. just make sure you have PLENTY to exit the chamber with. 
then your going to want to solder them in place, the coils are in series.


Add your magnet and seal it up.
This is also the step when you would add decorations, like painting the magnet.
FIND A STRONG MAGNET! the stronger the better, it will react more violently to the fields from the coils.

Step 10: Upper Deck

glue the upper coil in place!
during this step you will also need to solder the upper coil, 
this is tricky because you MUST get the windings connected in the same direction.
if the coils are wired wrong, then both sides would be south poles facing the magnet.....
It wouldn't do anything, yes it would do a much better job of lifting the magnet but it would never flip or hop.

Step 11: DONE!

And there you have it! seal it up and time for a test drive!
your going to need something like a stereo or an amp of some kind.
You could even build a driver circuit  of your own!
i moved the wire out front for demo purposes, otherwise, I would have tucked it in.

Step 12: IT LIVES!!

turn it to some music with good beat AND WATCH IT MOVE!!
it flies, it levitates, it flips, and IS AWESOME!

It really seems to like techno and songs with good bass.
DAFT PUNK makes this thing GO NUTS! 

I've also used audacity to create some really neat effects and patterns!

There you have it! a wonderful little device which will provide hours of entertainment!

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