Micro 555 Timer Circuit

Introduction: Micro 555 Timer Circuit

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At 10mm x 10mm, this is one of the smallest 555 I.C circuits you'll ever see!

Step 1: The Idea

So far this has just been a project of mine to shrink down a 555 timer circuit as small as I can using micro electronics.

The circuit is pretty self explanatory.

Experiment with different resistors to get different speeds if you're using it with LEDs.

I used a 0.4mm sized soldering tip to solder all the components too as this was really difficult & I needed a tiny needle point tip to solder most joints.

Step 2: Parts List

Surface mount 555 timer IC - LM555CMM (MSOP-8 size)

100nf 0603 capacitor

All resistors are 0603 size, 1% tolerance

Transistor - SMT 3904, size SOT-323

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    5 years ago

    Awesome Circuit !! Very well done indeed !!

    and just when i been looking for a real basic 555 circuit !

    By the way - i use the standard soldering iron tip that came with my adjustable Temperature CHEAP - REALLY CHEAP, soldering iron

    ive never changed the tip from standard and i can solder upto 0402 SMD components with the help of a couple of magnifiers HOT Glued together LOL

    here's some of my finest SMD Soldering, with a crappy standard soldering iron tip (YES - it might be crappy, but i still LOVE it lol

    So no fancy Hot-Air rework station, no expensive tools, just a standard soldering tip with FLUX (very very VERY IMPORTANT!) and a whole LOAD of instructables "how to solder" ible's haha

    Now to dive into this 555 timer circuit !!!

    thanks for sharing :)


    5 years ago

    Very nice! Could you please post the schematic and pc board pattern?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know electronics, but your idea is very interesting.