Introduction: David Bowie Jack

This super fun Jack"O"Lantern will be easy to make and great for Halloween. I'm going to be doing David Bowie. I hope you enjoy this fun pumpkin carving!


1)Pumpkin carving tool
2)Spoon(Something to scoop out the insides)
4)Get something like a tack to pin the stencil on the pumpkin
5)Get your David Bowie stencil(I got mine from this link: zombie

Optional:I used some gloves

Step 1: Prepare Your Pumpkin!

1)Put on gloves and let's get started
2)Cut a circle around the stem(I suggest cutting it at an angle)
3)Grab your spoon and start scooping guts and seeds to put them in a bowl

Step 2: Trace It

1)Stick your stencil on the Pumpkin
2)Trace around the white of the stencil by poking it with you small sharp object
3)Take off the paper and see what you did

Step 3: Time to Carve!

1)Grab your Pumpkin knife and start to carve out the shapes you made
2)Wipe remanence off with a wet paper towel or clothe
3)Grab a candle if you wish and see what you created

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