Introduction: Day and Night Sticker With LED (violet)

Hi everyone

I had some OHP paper lying around. Rather than throwing it away I decided to make something creative out of it. Talking about my inspiration, I've seen some similar stuff in my friend's room. I thought it would be an easy little weekend project.

So let's get started...

Step 1: Things and Tools You Need


  • pencil
  • scale
  • compass
  • glass paint outliner
  • scissors
  • pen-knife
  • double-sided tape
  • insulation tape
  • cellophane tape

Note that the materials I use may vary

Step 2: Draw Your Design

I free-hand drew some designs on a sheet of paper. I've also drawn an extra circle radius of 5cm for fixing the LEDs. And make sure to check out the images for the measurements.

Step 3: Drawings in the OHP

Trace your drawing down to the OHP paper with glass paint outliner . Let it dry for like 30-40 minutes

Step 4: Add Some Colors

Since the main color is violet, paint violet for the largest layer i.e the second layer. And feel free to use blue, white, black, purple too. Let the paint dry for about 2 hours. Color the shapes using your creativity or just copy down what I did ;D

Step 5: Setting Up the LEDs

Connect the 3 blue LEDs together as shown in the images above

Step 6: Attaching the LEDs

Cut out a circle of radius 5 cm on the chart paper. Put two holes in the center with a compass or with your pencil.

Take out the LEDs and put the wires through the hole.

Step 7: Circuit of the LED

Connect the LEDs to the battery and switch.

Tape(insulation tape or double-sided tape) the wires, switch and battery behind the LEDs

Step 8: Cuting the Layers

Stick the chart paper behind the second and third layer and cut it down. As it gives it more thickness

Use your penknife to cut the second layer.

Step 9: Fixing the Layers

Cut out four pieces of double-sided tape. Stick them together.

Stick it between the layers and that's how you fix them.

Step 10: Giving the Led a Faded Effect

Take out your oil paper and cut a circle out of it with the same radius as of the OHP circle.

Stick them together

Attach the leds to the circle as we did with the other layers.

Step 11: Fixing Everything

Just as we did the led and the layers, stick both of them with the double-sided tape

Also stick the tape to the battery and we are all done...;D

Step 12: And, Finally

Note that I have added a little bit of white paint onto the second layer so that it doesn't look so and dull during the day.

Thank you guys for going through the full tutorial. Feel free to comment.

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