Introduction: Day of the Dead/Witch Pumpkin

This pumpkin is easy to design and lots of fun to paint! Everyone in your family can pitch in, or it can be a solo project. Enjoy every moment of creating and implementing this craft!

Step 1: Base Coat

Completely coat a medium sized pumpkin in black pant. Don't forget to also paint the stem!

Step 2: Let Dry

Once your pumpkin has been completely coated in the black paint, let it air dry. This should take up to 45 minutes.

Step 3: Paint Stem

Completely cover the stem with brown paint. This may or may not take a few coats, but don't worry!

Step 4: Paint Witch and Moon

While your painted stem is drying, move on to the witch. You can either sketch or free-hand her, but the choice is up to you. The moon, depending on your preference, will be either a bold or pale yellow. Paint in the fog in the background(this part is optional).

Step 5: Base Coat Sugar Skull

For the next part, you're going to need to base coat your skull. This can be either free handed or pre-sketched. Let dry.

Step 6: Apply Another Coat

Once the base coat for your sugar skull has dried, apply a second coat to ensure your skull looks white. Keep adding coats of white paint until you reach your desired shade of white.

Step 7: Paint Basic Shapes

With a smaller paint brush, add the eyes, nose, and any other designs you wish to paint with black paint. Let dry.

Step 8: Sharpie on Details

With your sugar skull, use a black sharpie to add finer details. Using a sharpie will apply a cleaner stroke than a paintbrush. Feel free to add any colors to your final design should you choose to do so.

Step 9: Add Any Additional Characters

Once your witch and skull have been completed, you may add any additional monsters or items to your scene such as a ghost, lollipop, or gravestone.

Step 10: Add Minor Details

Once all of your primary paint has dried, use a lighter shade of paint and dab it on the underside of the fog. This will add dimension and greater detail to it. Add another swirl of color to the lollipop and outline the ghost in white.