Introduction: Days of the Week Organising Pegs

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As I need a way of keeping track of what I need to to on each day, I thought I should remix my sister's awesome memo pegs, so made memo pegs but so they are categorised to the days of the week. If you want to make this yourself, this is how you do it.

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • 7 pegs
  • 7 magnets
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Silver pen
  • Hot glue gun, with glue in it :)
  • Glue stick

Step 2: Glue Your Magnets

Wait for your glue gun to heat up, then put a spot of the glue on your peg just below the little metal bar on your peg. Quickly stick the magnet to the glue but make sure not to move the magnet once it is on the glue because it will loose its strength and after a few uses the magnet will fall off. Keep a firm hold on the magnet until the glue sets.

Step 3: Create and Stick Your Cover

Either measure the length and breath of your peg and draw them on a black piece of card or draw round you peg on to a black piece of card. Cut the pencil/pen marks neatly so you have a rectangle of black card the same size as your peg.

Use a glue stick to glue the rectangle to the side of the peg that doesn't have the magnet glued to it.

Step 4: Write the Days

Write the days of the week on your pegs with a silver pen. Don't rub the card because the writing will smudge but it will dry in about 1 minute.

Now you can use them as much as you need to keep yourself organised.

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