Introduction: Dc Motor Generator

Hi my name is shubha shree and my partner is vishal and we are from white field nook. Today we will show you how to make generator with dc gear motor.


  1. DVD
  2. Cardboard
  3. Sketch pen
  4. Dc gear motor
  5. Wire
  6. Pvc pipe
  7. Rubber band
  8. Insulation tape
  9. Binding wire
  10. Pully
  11. LED
  12. Marker
  13. Paper tape

Step 1: Take Box Dvd

Take a cardboard box the color sheet stick the card board sheet on top of the box with the help of glue the take 2 dvd and card board cut the card board sheet in a circular shape then place the card board in the middle of the dvd then stick the another dvd on top of the circular cardboard with the help of hot glue and paper tape.

Step 2: Pvc Pipe

Take pvc pipe then mark 15cm and cut it then stick it to the box then take big marker pen and cut 2 small piece after that stick it to the pvc pipe as shown in the image with the help of hot glue and ice cream stick.

Step 3: Dvd

Take a sketch pen and cut it then tape the center with the insulation tape then insert it to the center of dvd then fix it to the pvc pipe as shown in the image.

Step 4: Assemble

Now take dc gear motor then fix pully to the motor then solder the led to the motor then fix the motor to the box as shown in the image and stick the led in the side and stick the bottle on top of the led now your project is finished.