Introduction: Dead-End Mosquito Trap Stops Zika and Dengue Mossy

About: A new style mosquito trap that allows a mosquito to enter one way but can not escape. A dead-end mosquito trap.

This is the magic. I spent the summer making various configurations that 1, allow the mosquito to enter and 2, not allowing her to escape. I did this on the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that carries Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever. They were much more crafty in their ability to escape than one would think.

Here is one thing that is different that needs explaining, I only trap a mosquito who has drawn blood in this trap, not the one hunting. Now, why is this important? For one, man-kind has found it impossible to kill and eradicate mosquitos on the hunting cycle, so I aim at the egg laying cycle. If we get her when laying 20-200 eggs we have a delayed effect in stopping quantities of mosquitos. Well next, because if you can kill the mosquito after it bites someone who may be infected it will not be able to pass the disease. This is the most important part. Once a mosquito is infected (a week to 2 weeks after biting an infected person) she can bite many more people infecting them on each blood gathering cycle. This mosquito is been known to nail an entire family in one night getting her full meal. So just so you understand you may not see results for many weeks but it may have stopped you from getting Zika and so on during that time. Use only non-chlorinated water, rain water is ideal, river water lake water. when adding more water because of evaporation bottled water is fine. Never toss your water filter it and reuse it, they say the mosquito hatching adds a pheromone that attracts more mosquitos. filter through a coffee filter or old t-shirt.

This is basically what the experts in the industry use for monitoring for 50 years, but I have made it where the egg layer can not escape, no one has done this in the world. This is new/novel. And you can do it yourself and I am going to show you how. I have tried other coke bottle traps without any luck they do fly out and the hole may be too small for this bad mossy. Here is an example of the results in the above picture, I have an outdoor kitchen and here were my results these would have hatched elsewhere and been biting me later.. and this is only the bad Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Step 1: Here Is What You Need

  1. Clear bottles I prefer 3 liters soda bottles or 5-gallon water jugs. These bottles do not really degrade quickly.
  2. Metal screen material, I prefer coated aluminum. 4 inches by 1 foot.
  3. Some wire about 1 foot long (30cm)
  4. A tube about 1.25 inches (31mm) in diameter, by 1 foot long (30cm), I used a plumbing PVC 1" inner diameter tube
  5. Adhesive, I used hot glue, silicone works too.
  6. Scissors to cut the screen and the soda bottle.
  7. Water from rain is best, river, puddle, stream or bottled water. If bottled water you will need to add an extra small pinch of alfalfa, yeast, or few pieces of hay or grass. Fill the water to about half way 1-3 inches (3-7cm) below the screen. This should last 3 weeks.

Step 2: Here Is a Video on How to Make Your Own Dead-End Mosquito Trap

You need to do at least 6 of these for a typical dwelling/home. If a large property or very wet/humid area 10-20 of them. Why so many, well this zika mosquito likes to lay its eggs in several locations per egg laying cycle. So were are playing a probability game with her. So place them in all directions outside the home, and place a few in the house one, near the door, one in the bedroom closet.

Once you have results in a bottle show your neighbors and help them makes some too. And have them show their neighbors. Or just make some for your neighbors. you will also have to explain it is for long term stopping the hatchlings and stopping the diseases too.

Though in the video I only show how to make them with wire, I prefer to only use hot glue.

Step 3: More Information Can Be Found on the Website

I have a presentation on my website to how this works, with links to various research.. www.mosquitoswithout and I do sell the screens that allow you to insert in your own bottles, I have used 5-gallon jugs as well with three screens in them. You can email me here and soon will have commercially available traps for sale.

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