Introduction: Deadmau5 Head / Goldmau5 - How to Make

The head itself took 38 hours in total to make and was very hard to do,

You need to have alot of patience. Most of it when it comes to the fabric part!

Anyways here everything i used to make it with link!!

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All Materials I Used Are As Follows

1 x 13inch Hamster Ball

2 Meters x 1 Meter Fabric

1 x Builders Helmet

1 x 500 M; Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray

1 x Roll Of Door Draught Excluder

1 x 14 Inch Food Mesh Cover

2 x Push Lights

10 x 5mm Foam Board Only Used 4 Sheets

2 x 1 Meter x 6mm Threaded Rods

1 x Drupel Dremel

1 x Electrical Tape

1 x Hot Glue Gun