Deadmua5 Head

Introduction: Deadmua5 Head

Today we will make a deadmua5 head. I made one last year and it was even worse than this one that I just made, but I still got tons of compliments! :) I hope you enjoy this instructible.

Step 1: Materials

1. A 13" hamster ball
2. A 5" hamster ball
3. 2 pieces of hard poster board (got mine at michaels)
4. A sharpie
5. One of those things that makes circles
6. Duck tape
7. White see though fabric (any color is fine)
8. Purple stretch fabric (any color is fine)
9. Paper
10. Normal tape
11. 2.5 meters of electro luminescent wire ( I call it EL wire) OPTIONAL
12. White stretch fabric
13. Hot glue+gun
14. A dress-up toy helmet
15. A drill (I use this because I don't have one of those circle cutters if you have one you can use it)
16. Screw rods
17. Bolts that fit screw rods
18. Legos
19. Philips screwdriver
20. Paper
21. Sewing measuring tape
22. Pocket knife
23. A pencil

Step 2: Step 1

1. Measure the width of your head

2. Make a paper circle and trace it onto your hamster ball

3. Get the thing that makes circles and make a half circle on your hamster ball, then connect the lines with a strait line

4. So now you have the mouth and the head hole. You will now cut out the head hole so you will be able to fit your head through

5. For me if I didn't have Legos to create a space between the toy helmet and the hamster ball the ball would rest on my shoulders. So now if you need to make a lego box and hot glue the helmet and the hamster ball together with the Legos in between

6. After the hot glue has dried you should be able to put it on

7. After this you will put duck tape around the sides of were you made your head hole so it doesn't scratch you or cut you

8. For right now we are done with the head and moving on to the ears. First you will trace your ear onto the poster board( my trace is 14" across and 15.5" in length) make sure your trace will fit onto your head (picture 10 is what I am referring to).

9. Cut out your ears after you trace them

10. Now we are back on the head. We will cut out the mouth so we can see

11. When you have cut out the mouth you will add your see-through fabric

Step 3: Fabricating

1. You will grab your ears that you made and you will put fabric on one side of each ear

2. When all your ears have one side fabricated then you will glue the blank side of two ears together !! MAKE SUR THE EARS LINE UP!!

3. Wrap the whole head in fabric and glue it to the head

4. Screw in the ears and add the eyes to the helmet

EXTRA STEP. If you want you can add EL wire to give it some pop

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