Introduction: GoPro Handle

Hi guys,
I have been looking on line lately and I have looked at getting one of those gopro handles but it is so expansive for just one little handle so I decided to make my own

Step 1: Step One

First you need the materials,

- an old gardening stick
- long screw/ bolt
- drill
- drill bit that can fit the head of the screw
- the taller gopro clip mount
- hot glue gun

Step 2: Step Two

So first you will need to cut a section of the old gardening stick to your desired length( I did mine just a little taller than my hand). Optional, if you want you can sand down the section, I did.

Step 3: Step Three

When you look at the go Pro Mount you will notice that there are screws on the bottom. Once you unscrew the screws you should be able to take off the top piece of the mount. Then you will hot glue the bold that it's the screw to the bottom of the go Pro Mount make sure that it's facing upward.

Step 4: Step Four

Once the hot glue on the bottom of the mount has dried then you should add a little bit more to make it more stable. After this you should let that dry and then you should grab your section of the gardening stick and get the drill bit and drill down into the gardening stick. I did not have a drillbit that would fit the size of the top of my bolt so I had to hammer the bolt in.

Step 5: Step Five

Once the hot glue is dry and the bolt is in the gardening section you should hot glue around the bolt so it stays secure. Once the hot glue in the gardening section is dry you should just grab your go Pro screwed onto the mount and you're ready to go.