Introduction: Deadpool Paper Hair Bow

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Yes, you guessed it, I fell into the trap! I too have been sucked into the awesome vortex of obsession that is Deadpool. As a result of this condition, I created a Deadpool inspired paper hair bow,so that I too, could skip through the streets, showing my love for the Merc with the Mouth, without having it emblazoned on a fluorescent t-shirt for all to see.

I've posted the video tutorial at the end, in case you'd prefer that to following pictures!

Oh and this was a relatively quick craft, I spent more time cutting out with my oversized scissors than anything else!

Step 1: Getting Started

You'll need supplies, here I have included the red and black cardstock, template, pencil, scissors, a hair clip and glue.

Step 2: Cut It Out!

Draw along the outline of each part pf the bow, you will have three pieces as per the template. The top of the bow, which looks like a) a bra, or b) an eye mask, I won't judge on your preference. The bottom part of the bow, and a thin rectangular strip. I also cut out two circles, one larger that the other.

After cutting out the large red circle and the small black circle, fold the black circle in half and cut along the folded line. Then glue the black semi circles onto the larger red circle, to create the symbol.

Step 3: Folding and Gluing

Take the red bow piece and fold over the edges to the centre of the shape and secure with glue. I used a glue gin here for speed. This will create the basic bow shape.

Place the red card, on top of the black card and secure in place with glue. For extra support, and what really ties the look together, wrap the rectangular strip of card around the centre of the bow and secure.

You can stop at this point or you can go all out. Additionally I added the Deadpool insignia and secured it in place with glue.

After this it is just a matter of securing the paper bow to the hairclip, this i also did with a hot glue gun for speed and efficiency.

Ta-daa! You're done.

Step 4: Step by Step Video Tutorial

In case you're not keen on pictures, here's my video tutorial of the whole thing!