Introduction: Death Star Cake

Ingredients: 1 Cake box, and it's ingredients, Betty Crocker Bake 'n Fill 4 piece bake set, Dark gray frosting, Light gray frosting, 1 Kabob stick, Plate or tray to place the cake on, and a Piping bag or ziplock bag 

Mix all ingredients together and pour in to pan. This cake will require you to bake the halves at two different times, unless you have two pans. For this cake you need an specific pan- the Better Crocker pan. This pan is normally used for making the filling spot in the cake but I used it to create half circles.
   4.Take out of pan
   8.Take out of pan
Once cooled cut on the bottom piece of the cake slightly flat so it can balance. Place the other half circle on top of the other, then hook together with the kabob stick.
Lastly frost first with dark frosting and the detail it with the light frosting using a piping bag or ziplock bag. 

AND there you have a death star cake!!

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