Introduction: Death Star Christmas Tree Ball

Simple, still cool, would also work for Easter Eggs! :)

Step 1: Material and Tools


- Dremel

- Sharp knife

- fine black marker

- sanding paper


- Separateable plexi- / acrylic sphere

- Glue for acrylics / plexi

- Bits of red and black wire (low AWG/diameter)

- Plexi glass rod (2-3mm)

- Switch

- Li Ion button cell 3V (no resistor needed for green LEDs)

- 5 LEDs (3mm green, but up to you)

- grey spray paint

Step 2: Instructional Video

The steps:

1. Try to saw a cap of, as straight as possible

2. Flip the cap and glue it back in (from the inside)

3. Drill 5 holes (diameter matching the outer diameter of your plexi rod)

4. Put the shere back together, paper clip through the hole and apply spraypaint (grey)

5. Split it up (yo might have to use the knife and "CUT" along the gap)

6. Prepare the 5/6 rods, dremel + sandpaper = PEW, and attach them

7. Wire the LEDs together, connect LEDs to switch, switchs to battery

8. Drill the main hole and the 2 mounting holes for the switch, then put the sphere back together

9. Turn it into a true death star, using your marker (draw the paneling as you like) and done !