Introduction: Death by Witch Hair Spaghetti Dinner

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Fun, easy and fast to make. This recipe ensures a full stomach before a night of candy and sweets. 

Step 1: Carve Your Faces

They can be as scary or friendly as you want to. Also carving bell peppers is extremely easier than carving a pumpkin! I used a toothpick to outline a face on mine but truly, all you need is a paring knife and a few carves. 
Be sure to wash out your carvings too, because they have many seeds inside. 

What you'll need...

Angel Hair pasta

Black food coloring

Bell Peppers (varying colors)

Your favorite pasta sauce

Step 2: Turning the Pasta Into Witch Hair

Take your favorite brand of spaghetti hair pasta.
Use about half of the box.
--Boil water  with some oil and add a few drops of black food coloring to it.
-- stir and drain as usual

Step 3: Stuff Your Carvings!

--fill the bell peppers with the black pasta
-- pour your favorite spaghetti sauce inside the top

And just like that, your dinner is complete and with a twist of SPOOKY!

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