Introduction: Decapitated Head Drinking Fountain

What's more refreshing than drinking blood fresh out of the aorta of a recently severed head?

Step 1: Materials

life-size severed head ($20)
water pump ($10)
1/4" tubing ($3)
PVC pipe, tee, and adapter ($2)
flange ($6)
square pencil holder (already had)
grandmother's stew pot
red paint

Step 2: Dissect the Head

Cut off the bottom of the head, and pull the stuffing out.  Make a hole where you plan to impale it.  Also, cut open a hole on a nice vein or artery in the neck for the tubing to eventually go through.

Step 3: Get the Piping Taken Care Of

Impale the head with the PVC pipe. Assemble the rest of piping and the tubing as shown.  

Step 4: Put the Head Back Together

Get the stuffing back in there, then crazy glue it shut with the tubing coming through the aorta hole.

Step 5: Hook It Up to the Water Pump

Thread the bottom tubing through the pencil holder and attach to the water pump.  Fill with water to make sure everything is running nicely.

Step 6: Detailing...

Listen to feedback from the instructables community!  In this case, I added some dripping red paint to help with the illusion of the head being impaled on its side.

Step 7: Add Some Blood (I Mean Punch) and Enjoy!

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