Introduction: Decorate for Halloween!

Things you need:
1. Black acrylic paint
2. 6 eggs. (use a pin to poke each end and blow out the innards into a bowl and then make breakfast with them)
3. black yarn
4. black duct tape
5. old hanger
6. googley eyes
7. hot glue gun
8. black pipe cleaners

*Paint half of your eggs black at a time and set them in the egg carton or on a soda cap until they dry, then paint the other half. It shouldn't take long to dry.
*Take your old hanger and snip off the part that hangs up the hanger.
*Shape it into the outer edge of a spider web. (it helps to have an even number of corners)
*Take your black duct tape and wrap it (you can use white also but be sure to get white yarn to match)
*Take your yarn and create a spider web like shape by taking straight pieces of yarn and connecting them to each corner of the web shape you made on the hanger from one side to the opposite. Tie them fairly tight so your web doesn't droop.
*Take more yarn and put it between the pieces that go across to create the web design by tying each one as you go around. Be creative!
*Take about 2 to 3 inch snippits of the black pipe cleaners and bend them to 90* angles to make them look like pointy little spider legs. Each spider should have 6 legs! :
*Hot glue the legs three on each side to each spider and let each cool as you do them. They should now stand up on the table by themselves!
*Hot glue the eyes on the spider wherever you'd like them best.
*Take varying lengths of yarn and tie them to the spider web you made from the hanger and then hot glue the end of the yarn where you want your spider hanging to the top of your spider. The eggs are light enough the hot glue alone will hold them. :
*Take 3 or 4 pieces of yarn the same length after your spiders are glued on there and tie them to the top of the hanger and secure them together so your web hangs evenly.
*Hang outside and enjoy your awesome decoration!