Introduction: Decorative Cardboard Box

When shopping at stores, I found out that decorative boxes are a bit pricey, and they seemed to be made out of cardboard.  So I said, "I can make that!"  and so I did.... I'm not pro status, but I like my box :)

Items needed:
cardboard box
box cutter
contact paper, fabric, or gift wrapping paper
decorative ribbon if you'd like
spray glue if using wrapping paper or fabric
clear coat if using wrapping paper
glue your choice for ribbon

Step 1: Pick a Box, and Cut Off Flaps

first grab any cardboard box
use a box cutter to cut off all the flaps

Step 2:

I probably should make another box in more detail:
Here I used contact paper.
Measure the length and width of all sides and add a few inches.
measure the inside length and width
cut all pieces
Instead of cutting only 1 piece for the outside and inside, I cut 2 pieces for each outside and inside.  It's easier to work with.
Be very careful when applying contact paper.  Align the contact paper with the bottom, press down, then smooth out air bubbles.  Repeat for all sides.
I ended up with 5 pieces.  2 for the outside, 2 for the inside, and 1 for the inside bottom.  You can also cut 1 more piece for the underside.

Step 3: Accessorize, Iron Ribbons

I took the ribbons off Victoria secret gift bags, then ironed them out.

I had 2 pieces of ribbon that fit around the box.

Step 4: Glue Ribbon

glue your ribbon or accessories onto the box.  I used a glue stick and double sided tape on my other box.

Step 5: Tada!

Here is the finished project.  I like it :)

Step 6: Box With Contact Paper and Gift Wrap

Here's a box I made with gift wrap on the outside, attached with spray glue, and contact paper for the inside.
I used spray clear coat for the gift wrap so it would be more durable.

Step 7:

Here's my giftwrap/contact paper box in use.
I also made a lil flower out of a plastic bag.

I love upcycling :)

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