Introduction: Decorative Christmas Lamp

hey friend !!

Christmas time is here and its time for some Christmas decoration !!

let's make it glow with this beautiful home-made very easy to make Christmas decoration & disco lamp,its made completely from paper/paper plates. I got the motivation to make it because it really looks great and beautiful both in the day and night but its major magic spreads in the night. it's so beautiful that it can be used for several occasions from Christmas decoration & Christmas tree decoration to dazzling disco lights.

You can use it for both hanging lamp and wall mounted lamp.

You can make it in different sizes according to your need just by changing the size of the circles later described in the steps.

Step 1: Materials Required

There are mainly 3 materials required to make this amazing ball of light.

1. Chart papers. ( You can also use -handmade paper as it has great texture or disposable party plates either polystyrene or silver surface ones, you'll need 20 of those ).

2. Colourful bulbs/lights .

3. Glue or stapler.

Tools required

1 Scissors / cutters ( not required if you're using ready-made party plates )

2. Pencils and rulers

3. Compass or round bowls ( not required if you're using ready-made party plates )

4. Paints and brushes

Step 2: Preparing the Parts

To get started you need to make 20 equal size circles on the chart paper/hand made paper and cut them with scissor or cutter.

Those of you who are using ready made party plates need not do this step and can go to the next step.

Step 3: Crafting the Circles

In this step you need to make an equilateral triangle on each of the circles/plates which should be inscribed in it.

After making the triangles fold the sides of the circles inside along the sides of the triangles as shown in the pictures.

You can paint and decorate the parts now or you can decorate it when its completely done. Its totally your choice.

now you will have 20 pieces ready.

Step 4: Making the First Half

In this step you will require 10 pieces of the parts made in the last step .

To make the first half you have to join 5 pieces together with glue or stapler side by side as shown in the above pictures.

After joining the first 5 pieces you'll need the other 5 pieces and join each of the part at the bottom sided of each plate as shown in the pictures above.

Step 5: Making the Other Half

To make the other half follow the same steps as shown in step 4 with the remaining of the 10 pieces as shown above in the pictures.

Step 6: Assembling Both the Parts

In this step I'll show you how to join the two previously created sections of the lamp.

Bring both the halves together so that each of the pieces gets interlocked in the alternate cavities between them as shown in the above images and join the sides of each of the part with its neighbouring part with glue or stapler but keep a part open so that a bulb or light source can be inserted in it. check the video for more information on joining both the halves.

Step 7: Setting Up the Lighting System

To set up the lighting system in the ball take a light bulb holder then insert a lighting bulb in it and put the holder into the ball from the opening and then close that last opening with glue or stapler.

You can choose the bulb of you choice, choose what intensity and colour of the bulb you want. But red yellow and orange works best , green and blue also gives a nice effect. It all depends on what you like.

Step 8: Almost Ready to Glow

Now your're lamp is almost ready only the decoration part is left. for this you can use your own creativity and imagination to decorate it like I've painted it orange and yellow to give an interesting effect. you can also make small holes in every parts of the lamp to convert it into a disco ball. you can make it of any size just by changing the size of the plates or circles according to your needs and can be decorated on Christmas trees, your room , hanging lamp or a wall lamp or anywhere you like.

enjoy making !

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