Introduction: Decorative Nest Backplate

This is an instructable for a decorative wire frame for Nest thermostat. You can use the same technique on whatever images you like. If your artwork needs wiring thru instead of around it, turn off all power & label wiring before installation.

Step 1: Steam Punk Nest Backpalte

The generic plastic plate form Nest seems too dull, and others in Amazon/Esty are way too expensive;
so here's my spin on blending high tech with steam punk decor.

Some pictures are taken out of order, my apologies

Step 2: Supplies Needed

- Pick any nice wire art pattern you want. Print & overlay you Nest & scale image accordingly.
- 10' solid core copper wire. (I had a bunch of left over BX 12/4)

- Smaller gauge wire for tie down.

- Wire cutter

- Utility knife

- Needle nose pliers, preferably the no teeth type for arts/craft

- Loose strings for measurements

- Plumbing solder kit containing blow torch, flux, solder, abrasive cloth ..etc..

- Wet rags

Step 3: Stripping

Strip all insulation. I find it much easier to just angle the blade & pull cables thru.

Step 4: Start Forming Elements

Trace out a pattern element with string. Cut wire to matching length and bend accordingly. Wrap some tape around pryer to prevent scratches.

Step 5: Solder the Joints

Skip this step if you're uneasy with heat/fire. Just wrap with smaller gauge wire & move on.

Now, for rest of us: Please practice on scraps before going to next steps ....

Lay out the elements & locate contact point. Clean area with sand paper till it's really shiny. Apply flux & heat till it melts, give it another 10 secs. Tap solder to joint and see if it starts to melt. Remote heat and let solder flow into area. You only need 1/2". Less is more in this case.

*** COOL OFF AREA *** with wet rags and sand off any burnt marks

Step 6: Combined the Elements

Combine all basic elements, clamp down and tie with smaller gauge wires. Re-solder again. Solder joints from previous may come off. Have patients ...

When all done, sand off any blemishes again.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Remove the thermostat & mounting plate. Attach your art work & check for wiring status.