Introduction: Decorative Panel for Glazed Door

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The purpose of this project is to make a decoration to embellish a glass door.

Its manufacture is easy but requires skill and patience.

The assembly is done in stages. This publication gives details of the construction and assembly phases.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Wooden cleats (fir wood) 1.3cm side. For the project 5 sticks of 2,50m
  • 2x20 gauge wood screws
  • A drill (preferably mini)
  • A wick for metal diameter 1mm
  • Wood glue
  • A screwdriver adapted to the screws
  • A metal square
  • A wooden board or a table
  • Two seal devices
  • A cleat of about 50cm that will be used to hold parts during assembly
  • An angle saw or a support for cutting at right angles
  • Filling putty
  • A metal spatula
  • Sandpaper (200 grit)
  • Paint, a brush and a paint roller

Step 2: Preliminary Instructions

Before you start some tips to make the job easier.

A - To obtain the same length of sticks it is advisable to cut them by two or four.

B - The right angles are obtained by fixing two sticks on a wooden board with greenhouses. The square adjusts the right angle.

C - In order to avoid splitting the wood, we will do a preliminary drilling.

D - Finally we will assemble with the help of wood glue and a screw. We can then disassemble the connection and move on to the next. It is advisable to let dry several hours to ensure strength.

Step 3: Manufacturing Stage

A - For the model realized the lengths of
the sticks are indicated

B - Assembly of the external frame. The annotations in red represent the fixing points

C - Assembly of the central square and cutting of the points (after drying). To allow this last operation it will be necessary to offset the screw in order to clear the angle to plane.

D and E - Continued operations in the order indicated by the numbering.

Step 4: Final Step

A and B - Continue assembly as indicated.

After assembly we will patch the asperities. After drying the coating, sanding is done by hand.

Applying a first coat of paint. After drying lightly sand the entire frame.

And finally we will finish with a second coat of paint.

The fixing on the door will be done with four nails. These nails will be fixed in front of the wooden frame. Thus the frame will be enclosed between the glass and the nails.

This frame will give a new warmer look to a glass door.