Introduction: Deku Shield

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One of the three shields from Legends of Zelda Ocarina of Time, this was a project I decided to do after my nephew went crazy over a basic shield I made for him. So I need this one becuase he likes to battle with me...he can defend himself better than me now which is unacceptable.

Step 1: Get the Plywood

I always seem to have left over plywood from other projects so I just used a 1/2 in piece. It is about 2 ft by 3 ft.
After finding a picture on google I sketched out the shape as best I could.

Step 2: Cut and Paint

A jigsaw with a regular blade cuts really well since there are no curves.
I lucked out with the paint. I also used spray paint as I painted the second coat on to give it sonewhat of a log look.

Step 3: The Symbol...thing

I used the internets again for the symbol. Based on no real guide but the picture I mapped it out with some painters tape. A thin brush works best as well.

Step 4: Conclusion

And there you go! You are ready to defend the land of Hyrule! As long as you know...don't go through fire or something. Also, its not just for looks! Any cloth or handle from an old bag or something works great. With only two screws per strap. Make sure you get short enough screws. We don't want to impale anyone. Or maybe you do, who am I to judge?

Step 5: