Introduction: Delicious BBQ: Fall Off the Bone Beef Ribs

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I will finally reveal my secret to my Fall Off the Bone Ribs.

It is a long process time wise but they are so good. I am originally from Missouri which is famous for BBQ, I have adapted my original style of Missouri style BBQ and modified it to how I came to my cook ribs since I have lived in Phoenix. Don't be mistaken this isn't a Phoenix version. It is just my version.

If your ribs come out chewy and don't have very much flavor you may want to try this technique because ribs should not be chewy and should be full of flavor.

If you are cooking them straight on grill you might not be getting the best experience you can get.


Step 1: Safety

First step is to realize the hazards involving BBQ'n anything.

Hand washing: After speaking with some culinary teachers I recently had a class with they recommended using soap and warm water (duhh), but the went on to recommend to wash you hands and sing happy Birthday to yourself. The reason behind this idea is because the time it takes to sing the song is about how long you should be cleaning your hands (30 seconds).

Next safety item

Meat cooties (much worse than girl cooties). After touching raw meat make sure you wash your hands. If you have never had salmonella or any other food born illness let me tell you from first hand knowledge you don't want one. So wash your hands with soap, your work area with bleach water, as well as your tools; knives, forks, plates etc that come in contact to your raw meat.

Sharp tools: If you cut yourself I will laugh at you, be careful of what you do with knives and such.

Hot stuff:
1. This would be the flaming fuel that you use to cook your chicken, also be careful of hot surfaces.
2. Boiling water or hot liquids will burn you so be careful with it.

Other stuff people often forget:
Don't have your grill to close to the house, you may burn the house down. I have seen this done.
Keep hydrated.
Is your work area cluttered? keep it clean.
Keep the kids away, they sometimes want to cook their hands and then cry about it.
Use protection, and I mean oven mitts not the other protection.
Finally let your grill cook all of the old crusty stuff you left on there from you last grilling session. Use a scraper and wire brush to remove the carbon leftovers.

Step 2: Supplies

Here is what I used.

1. Rack of Beef Ribs $10 at Wal-Mart I could not believe the fantastic price.
2. KC Master Piece Barbecue Sauce: Original version (sweet not spicy)
3. Onion
4. Garlic powder
5. Spatula
6. Tongs
7. Roaster
8. Grill
9. Stove
10. Water

Step 3: Prepare the Ribs

Prepare the Ribs

In this step I will show you how I prepared the Fall Off the Bone Beef Ribs.

The secret to getting any meat to fall off the ribs is slow cook it in a marinade for a few hours.

These ribs slow cooked for 5 hours.

In order to slow cook ribs you need something big enough to put them in. I use a roasting pan. They cost about $25 for a basic one and I have been told they will last a long long time.

Put your ribs in the roaster and add water. I only add enough water so that it just covers the ribs. You can also add some sauce to the water, it helps with light flavor and color.

Turn your roaster to about 300 degrees and let it cook for a few hours at this temperature.

It might boil a light boil this is OK but try to stay away from a roaring boil.

Come back about every half hour and baste the top of the ribs. Once an hour flip the ribs and let the other side cook. You will notice the ribs start to shrink up on the bone that's ok.

Let the ribs cook for about 5 hours. When you flip the ribs every hour you will notice the meat beginning to loosen. You can judge how long you need to let the ribs cook by how much they are falling off the bone.

You can start to prepare you side dishes if you have any. Shuck your corn on the cob, peel your potatoes and slice them up for your mashed potatoes, make your sun tea etc. You will need to time when you need to start cooking you side dishes with I start mine about 30 minutes before I take the ribs out of the roaster and put them on the grill.

They are ready when they are almost falling off the bones when you flip them.

When you reach this point go turn your grill on.

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Step 4: Rib Roasting

This is a short and simple clarification step.

Here are photos as the ribs are cooking until they are ready to be pulled from the roaster and go to the grill.

You will need to start your grill and get it hot before you are ready to take the ribs out of the roaster so plan accordingly. make sure you cook off any left over stuff from the previous grilling experience. This will kill off any cooties left over.

In the last photos you can see it looks like I have already grilled them, but I haven't. It is at this point they are ready to go to the grill.

Step 5: Grill Time

It is time to take them to the grill.

Now that your grill is nice an hot, be sure to turn the temperature down to low.

Place your ribs on the grill and lather them with a nice thick coat of sauce.

Let this cook for a few minutes and your sauce should thicken up nicely.

After the sauce has thickened up flip the rib rack and lather on another coat of thick sauce.

While this new coat of sauce is thickening the sauce on the side of the ribs facing down should be getting nice and somewhat crispy. This is the secret to my great BBQ'n Some of the meat and the sauce will get a slight char to it. This is where the great flavor comes in. You might get some flame up and may have to reposition the ribs a little so they don't burn from the high flames. When you are happy with how the sauce has thickened it it time to take the ribs off the grill.

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Step 6: Readt to Serve

After you remove the ribs from the grill and take them inside and run a few thin lines of fresh sauce over the top of the ribs to pretty them up.

Remember not all sauces are red, the sauce I used this time is a dark brown. The ribs in the photos look like they are burnt but they aren't. It is darkens of the sauce and the slight charring of the sauce plus it is another camera exposure issue. You will see in the last step how they really looked.

Go onto the final step

Step 7: Time to Eat

Now is the moment we have been waiting for.

Cut yourself a rib get some sweet corn on the cob, some real mashed potatoes, and your favorite beverage and enjoy.

The ribs are really big, these are beef not pork. So one rib is huge and filled me up and I am a big guy.

While I cook pork ribs the same way as I have cooked these beef ribs and they also come out great, they are still not as good as beef ribs. The flavor of beef ribs is still fantastically superior to pork, and my pork ribs are very very good.

I hope you have enjoyed this instructable and can take some new ideas away from it.

If you try your hand at this method let me know how yours turned out.

Thanks for reading my Instructable and don't forget to vote for me in the BBQ contest.

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