Introduction: Delicious Elevated Box Cake

You’ve promised your friend you would make the cupcakes for her party but somehow it slipped your mind until the morning of. You look in your pantry and you find a box cake mix, this is where this recipe comes in. With a couple new ingredients and a few tips and tricks you can make a cake or cupcakes that taste like $5 a slice.

Any cake mix will work including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, yellow, e.t.c. The box cake I had was white so obviously that’s how my cake turned out. Although I’m sure every flavor will turn out just as good or even better.

Step 1: Supplies

On most cake box’s ingredients it includes water, butter or oil, and eggs. One reason why this is great is because it only calls for things you already have in your pantry and is super versatile.


- 1 box of cake mix ( I used white but you can you whatever you’d like)
- ½ c. butter
- ½ c. light olive oil ( Vegetable oil works too)
- 1 ¼ c. milk
- 4 eggs
- Icing (optional)
- Decorations (optional)

Step 2: Ingredients

Make sure to preheat oven to 350 F. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, we are going to be beating these with an electric mixer so in order to not have the dry ingredients fly everywhere I like to mix with a spatula. If you don’t have an electric mixer you need time and a lot of arm strength, beating with an electric mixer can take 2-5 minutes of mixing and a whisk is going to take 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Wet Ingredients

Add your 4 eggs, oil, and butter to the bowl. For the oil I used light tasting olive oil although vegetable oil works great if that’s what you have. The butter should be melted so you don’t get any clumps, I ran out of stick butter so I just used what I had but 1 stick of butter is perfect if you have it.

Step 4: Mixing

Once you have mixed the batter a little with a spatula to avoid a cloud of flour beat the batter for 2-5 minutes. After mixing prep your cupcake tray with baking cups/liners. A little trick I like to do is use a ice cream scooper to scoop the batter. To avoid cupcakes that are all shapes and sizes try to make the cupcakes all the same height in the pan. I find that if you fill up the cupcakes about 1/3 high in the liner it makes for a good sized cake or cupcake. For a 12 cupcake tray bake for 18-21 minutes and for an 8 inch bake for 33-36 minutes.

In order to make sure they’re ready stick a knife or thermometer in the biggest one and if there is still wet batter on the knife then bake for about 2 more minutes. Once they are done take them out and lay them on a tray to cool. If icing goes on the cupcake before they are room temperature the icing will melt off.

Step 5: Icing and Decorating

For my icing I used an Whipped French Almond Buttercream and added some silver and gold sprinkles. You can go crazy with icing and the colors of your cake or cupcakes. Thank you so much for following along I hope your cupcakes turned out amazing. If your ever in a pinch for time these taste so good even for being a ordinary box cake.