Introduction: Delicious Frozen Banana Cocktail - Alcohol-free

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This is a drink we make regularly all through the Summer, using bananas which we have previously frozen. When these are combined with the milk they create an instant semi ice cream drink which, with the addition of a Chantilly cream topping, makes for a thick, rich, nourishing and delicious milkshake.

A Foreword about the Ingredients

All our ingredients are organic. We raise our own hens organically and we have friends who have an organic dairy farm from where we get our milk and cream so we have absolutely no problem with using raw ingredients. Furthermore, the cows are ancient breed Normandy, who give A2 milk. The Normandy cow is presumed to have descended from cows brought over by invading Vikings, who settled and farmed here in the tenth century. These beautiful and docile animals along with the wheaten coloured Froment du Léon, are thought to have given birth to one of the most famous A2 breeds, the Guernsey. Some 5,000 years ago a mutation occurred in the milk solids of dairy herds, in particular in the beta-casein chain of amino acids at position number 67. Cows without the mutation are known as A2 and those with the mutation, such as the Holstein race, are called A1. If you want to delve into the fascinating subject of ancient cattle breeds, amino acids, A1 & A2 milk and the implication on health then check out the article 'Devil in the Milk' By Keith Woodford on the Weston Price Foundation website.


For two people to get two drinks apiece because one is never enough:

¾ pint or 420ml of raw organic milk

3 frozen bananas

2 raw eggs

For the Chantilly

2 dessert spoons of raw cream

½ fl oz or 20ml milk

1 teaspoon of cocoa

1 teaspoon coconut sugar (in the Spring when the cows are on new grass, the milk is sweet so you don't need sugar)




Electric whisk


Measuring jug

Potato peeler

Step 1: Make the Chantilly First

Stir the sugar and cocoa into the milk until thoroughly incorporated.

Add the cream and whisk to make the Chantilly, this way you get a smooth mix with no 'clumping' of the cocoa powder.


Step 2: Make the Milkshake

Using a liquidiser, add the bananas, having firstly broken each of them into three pieces.

Now add the milk and the eggs.

Liquidise until the mixture becomes smooth, it will resemble melting ice cream, so you may need a spoon to eat/drink it.

Pour into a prechilled decorative glass

Carefully add the Chantilly cream to the top, it floats but if you've filled the glass to the brim, too much Chantilly can displace the milkshake and spoil the effect.

Decorate - I used thin slices of fresh banana and dark chocolate shaved into 'curls' with a potato peeler.



You can make this cocktail with a variety of prefrozen berry fruits; blueberries, raspberry and strawberry are some we have tried and also mixtures of fruit; peach and banana and banana and strawberry are two of our favourites.

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